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Does Your Carpet Need to Be Stretched? Lexington Flooring Experts Explain

Carpet adds elegance to any home, and we all know how comfortable it is to walk on. Nothing feels better than stepping out of bed in the morning and putting bare feet down on something soft, plushy and warm. It also insulates us from noise from footsteps, or electronic devices.

Carpeting can last for a long time if it’s maintained properly with periodic professional cleanings, but it also will need to be stretched after a while.

If you’re tired of looking down at your flooring and seeing bumps, lumps and wrinkles, you may not need to replace it just yet. Often, stretching will do the trick.

Many homeowners ask how they can know for sure, so look at it closely. If you still have questions, for flooring in Lexington, go to the pros at Feel Good Floors.

1. Is there damage? Do you see cuts at the base structure? The reason we specify “base structure” is because if there are cuts there, the surrounding carpet will be loose. Look carefully at the fibers surrounding the base; use a flashlight if you have to. If you do see a cut, get the carpet stretched immediately.
2. Do you see lumps and wrinkles? Just because you don’t see cuts, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be stretched. Sometimes a carpet will lump and wrinkle just in response to the normal wear and tear of foot traffic or furniture. If it looks bumpy or uneven, it’s most likely time to be stretched.
3. Test, using an awl tool. Awl tools are around $10 or less and you can buy one at any home improvement or hardware store. Sometimes something will hide its need for stretching. If you suspect this, insert an awl tool into the center of the carpet, then pull the carpet (gently please!) upward by just an inch. Remove it, then watch the carpet’s movement as it returns; if it moves slowly, it needs to be stretched.
4. Look at the edges. Carpet is affixed to strips, but if you see strips and not carpet, you know it has come loose.

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