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Christmas Kissing Balls, Mistletoes and Flooring Information

Tired of the same old mistletoe? How about a kissing ball? Or coconut-honey lip scrub? Or reindeer candy dishes? Here’s how you can make these things. Source: www.jacksonsun.com by Jackson Sun.

At Feel Good Floors in Lexington, TN, we’re all about education and, since we’re flooring experts, we love to give you flooring information!

We know just how overwhelming it can be to buy flooring; it is a big investment, after all. A big part of the flooring information process should come the minute you walk through the door. Our experts will talk to you in great length to see what flooring type is best for you. We’ll ask you questions about your lifestyle: Do you have kids or pets? Do you have guests over often? Do you work outside the home? How limited is your time?

Then, once you decide upon a type of flooring, we’ll give you that information. For instance, let’s say you decide on hardwood. You need to know the difference between solid and engineered hardwood, so our flooring information will include that instruction, so you can decide what’s best.

Engineered hardwood is, indeed, real wood. You have just as many species, colors and patterns of solid and, like solid, this type of hardwood flooring increases the resale value of your home. Only the construction is different, and that’s what makes it makes it more stable and water resistant than solid. Solid hardwood is a sheet and the wood goes all the way through, so the wood fibers are parallel. Engineered hardwood starts with a core of real wood, then it is layered and topped off with veneer. Since it is layered, the wood fibers cross each other and it is that crossing, that makes it stronger than solid. As a result, engineered hardwood is more versatile, because it can be installed in moisture-prone areas, such as sublevels, where solid hardwood cannot.

Your flooring information also needs to address the expansion and contraction issue of solid hardwood. When hardwood swells or shrinks, it does so to adjust to climate conditions, but the extra stability of engineered, eliminates that challenge. However, if you decide you do want solid hardwood, we’ll give you some recommendations for reducing it.

Come on in and get some flooring information from the experts at Feel Good Floors. We’re in Lexington, TN, but we service all of West Tennessee.