bathroom flooring

Cost and Effective

Updating your flooring is a must if you are remodeling or rehabbing a room or even an entire home. Your choices for flooring are usually limited by two things, imagination and budget. The first is usually not much of a limitation, as it is usually in great supply. The second, however, is generally the greatest hindrance to the project, because not everybody has as much money as they want or need in today’s economy. Feel Good Floors is a beacon of light in the dark place called budget restrictions. We have low cost flooring for just about every project a person can start.

Low cost flooring can come about due to a variety of reasons. A manufacturer will lower the cost of flooring because a product line has been discontinued. That flooring you looked at a few months ago, that you thought would be perfect in your living room, may have ended its production run and is now taking up valuable space in the manufacturer’s warehouse. The manufacturer will sell the flooring at a discount to a retailer, just to free up warehouse space for the new product line taking its place.

Low cost flooring can also come about because of a quality control issue. Many times a product line has a run of material that is slightly off color, or may have been rejected because the size of the product was slightly off. These products are top grade, but have a small flaw that the manufacturer won’t approve, so they sell them to retailers at a discounted price as well.

Low cost flooring can also come for no reason other than the manufacturer just made too much of it. A production overrun will leave the manufacturer with extra material they didn’t want to store, so they sell it at a discount to the retailer for sale to their customers.

Whatever the reason, Feel Good Floors, has the low cost flooring you are looking for. Come visit us at our Lexington, TN showroom and see how we can match your budget with your imagination, and make your project all it can be.