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Famous TN Home May Be Downed to Make Room for Car Wash 

If you are of a certain age, you will recall Elvis Presley, and if you were a fan, you will know that he made Tennessee his home. Many of his friends and family did the same, including his manager Col. Tom Parker. It is the Parker home that is in the news today, as there are plans to demolish the beloved place in order to make space for a car wash. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? You decide. Here is a bit of the story that reported this:

“MADISON, TN — A small stone house that was once the nerve center of the brain behind Elvis Presley's empire may be razed to make way for a car wash, but efforts to save it from the wrecking ball got a boost Thursday. If Elvis was The King, Col. Tom Parker was his Cardinal Richelieu and the house at 1215 Gallatin Pike in Madison, east of downtown Nashville, was his Palais-Cardinal.”

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