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Feel Good News: Tennessee Homes Starting to Sell Again!

There was some good news on the Tennessee housing market lately, and we thought we would share it with you. It is too early to call this a trend, but home sales and prices both went up in April of this year. Experts say that this means that more consumers are feeling better about buying now than they did, say, a year ago. More homes being bought is always good news, especially for Lexington, TN, where we need to see this kind of movement.

Here is a bit of the story that caught our eye at Feel Good Floors:

“Single-family home sales in Tennessee rose 9.1% in April 2016 over the previous April (from 5,889 to 6,490), the median price rose 9.1% (from $171,000 to $186,600), and inventory dropped by 27.9% (from 32,455 to 23,401), according to statistics compiled by the Tennessee Association of Realtors (TNAOR). The trends were almost identical for condominium sales.”

Source: <a href="http://chattanoogan.com/2016/5/10/323875/Tennessee-Sales-Median-Price-Rise.aspx">Tennessee Sales, Median Price Rise; Inventory Drops In April 2016</a> by staff.
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