Flooring Education in West Tennessee:  Selecting the Right Type for You

As a flooring company who strongly believes in more than just product, flooring education is a priority. Actually, all education is a priority for us, and we’re proud of Jackson, Tennessee teacher, Holly Roolf, who won Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month. A first-grade teacher at the Thelma Barker Elementary School, Roolf says she loves to see the children learn and then light up with their “AHA Moment” when they finally get it.

Now she’ll be eligible for Tennessee-wide Educator of the Month.

To read the entire story in The Tennessean - www.wbbjtv.com by Mallory Cooke.

Selecting a flooring type can be overwhelming so, as part of our quest for plenty of flooring information, here’s our mini-guide on selecting flooring. Ask yourself these questions to arm yourself with as much flooring education as possible before selecting:

1. Where will the flooring be installed? Some rooms, such as basements and baths, have a more moisture than other rooms, so you’ll probably want something more suited for higher moisture rooms, such as tile, laminate or vinyl.
2. Do you have kids, pets or anything else that would call for extra durability? You may want something like laminate or vinyl; these days, technology makes it so that images, such as hardwood, tile or stone, are remarkably precise, but you can do things like drag pull toys across the floor with no consequence. These products are also stain-resistant and very easy to maintain.
3. Do you want easy-to-clean? Tile, vinyl, and laminate are the easiest to keep clean.
4. Do you like to change it up? By that we mean simple mini room decorating projects. Carpet is a great choice, especially for bedrooms. Just change some of the accessories, such as dust ruffles, and voila! Harwood’s another terrific choice, because you can place area rugs on it to add interest.
5. Budget: Always the number 1 priority for flooring information. Natural materials, such as wood, stone, slate, plus carpet, plus tile will be more expensive than the budget-friendly laminates and vinyl.

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