Get Free, Reliable Flooring Information from Feel Good Floors

Get Free, Reliable Flooring Information from Feel Good Floors

Many of those who live in or around Lexington, TN have been thinking about new flooring for the holiday season. However, first they need to get some reliable flooring information before they buy. It is no secret that many consumers believe that if they go into a flooring store to ask a few questions, they will instead get the hard-sell action that no one likes. At Feel Good Floors, we have made it a priority to offer the best flooring information, for free, and without any hard-selling tactics whatsoever. We want you to be fully informed before you buy, and we make it easy for that to happen.

So, how can we help you when you are thinking of new flooring? Here are just a few ways we assist our customers:

We offer all types of quality flooring. This includes carpet, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, vinyl sheet, and tile. But our customers are not normally experts when it comes to the differences in flooring systems. For instance, what are the differences between solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring? Knowing more about wood flooring is important, because there are times when you cannot, or should not, install solid wood flooring (such as below grade) and you need to know this.

When it comes to carpet, many of our customers want to know the differences between, say, EverStrand™ carpeting and PermaStrand™ carpeting. There are many fiber brands on the market today, and finding the one that will match your needs and budget is important. It is not at all uncommon for our customers to ask questions about these different fiber brands, and because we have staff members who have attended many advanced manufacturer's courses, we can answer those questions with more detail than most of our competitors can ever hope to do.

Perhaps the flooring information that you need falls under the areas of design consultation, estimates, measuring, or installation. We are able to provide you with all of the answers that you need in order to make an informed decision.

The simple truth is no matter what kind of flooring information you need, we are always happy to assist you at Feel Good Floors in Lexington, TN.