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Largest Home in TN Goes on Auction Block Valued at 13 million

Have you ever wondered what, and where, the largest home in Tennessee is, and what it is worth? If you have, the answer has now been provided. And if you happen to have about $13 million in your pocket, you can even buy it. At Feel Good Floors, we were interested in knowing more about this house, and wanted to share what we learned about it with our readers. Here is a portion of the story that brought this to light for us:

“If you're in the market for a house, there’s one for sale on Lyons View Pike in Knoxville for $13.8 million. You could also get a deal, relatively speaking, when Tennessee’s largest house is sold at auction on October 26, 2016. "The Villa Collina is the largest home in the state and the 87th largest home in the country," said Brad Pruitt, COO of Signature Luxury Auctions.”

Source: www.wbir.com
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