Lexington flooring

Make Your Wallet Happy

These days, it's not uncommon for a person to have to make sacrifices in order to maintain financial balance. Many times we will sacrifice quality for affordability and live with what we can get. That's not necessarily a given for people in Lexington, TN. You have Feel Good Floors.

Low cost flooring is attainable with a visit to our showroom. We have a selection of flooring ranging from carpet to tile, to vinyl, to hardwood, to engineered wood and all at affordable prices. Whether it's a luxury vinyl tile, which has stunning aesthetic appeal through the use of digital technologies and 3D printing, or a porcelain body tile that simulates the most expensive marble and stone tiles that are manufactured, but at a fraction of the cost, you’ll be a winner!

Low cost flooring doesn't mean poorly made at all. Sometimes the manufacturer has discounted products that they sell to the retailer for one reason or another. The quality of the products is second to none; engineered hardwood that has been discontinued, or wasn't quite the right shade of stain for a product line; or carpet that was produced in too large a quantity. The product is of the highest quality, but is sold at a discount just to empty the warehouse of excess inventory.

At our Lexington, TN showroom, we have a friendly and professional staff that can answer all of your questions and help you find low cost flooring that will give you the best results for your project, while still staying within your budget. Customer service is our number one priority. You won't be placed on hold or made to wait for long periods of time for someone to answer your questions. We have Tennessee State licensed and insured installers who will make sure that your flooring is installed according to the manufacturers’ specifications. This protects the warranties and ensures that your floors will look beautiful and remain durable for years to come.

Low cost flooring doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality for affordability, it doesn't mean you will sacrifice customer service, but it does mean that you can make your wallet happy.