Northeast TN Continues Breaking Home Sales Records

homes sales increase At Feel Good Floors, we sell low cost flooring to many homeowners and business owners in the Lexington, TN area, so we often hear a lot about the local real estate market. Many of our customers are either selling their home and need new flooring to increase the home's value before setting an asking price; other customers are just moving into a new home and want to spruce the place up with new flooring. These customers have often remarked about the problems with buying or selling a home. Now, we see some good news concerning our local housing market.

Here is a bit of the story we recently saw about Tennessee’s housing market:

“Northeast Tennessee’s housing market posted its 14th straight month of record year-over-year sales in June, the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors (NETAR) reported on Monday. NETAR said closings on single-family homes were up 19.4 percent in a market feeling the pinch of tight inventories. NETAR President Marsha Stowell said June last year was the first month the local market recorded more than 500 closings. Last month’s count was 106 higher.”

Source: <a href="">Region's home sales continue to sizzle</a> by Hank Hayes.
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There are many low cost flooring stores in Tennessee, but you should keep in mind that buying low cost, low quality flooring is never a good idea. Low quality flooring simply will not stand up over time. You will find that it often causes more problems than it is worth, and this is true no matter what type of flooring it is. However, as long as we are in business, you do not have to face those risks.

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