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The Connection Between History and Business

The old Lexington, TN post office now houses the Beech River Museum, but that doesn’t mean our rich history has been forgotten. We continue to celebrate it, and recently, the museum hosted a celebration of our former post office’s bygone days. An exhibition was developed by many retired postal workers, Alderman Sandra Wood, Mayor David Jowers, and Museum Curator Dian McGuire. It showcased various items, such as the decades-old, time-honored postal worker’s hat with the silver badge. Even though the boxes and crates of mail are now gone, people could walk the corridors which demonstrates business progress, from when the building was operational, in the years from 1939 to 1996.

Source: www.lexingtonprogress.com -“Beech River Museum Cultural Museum Hosts Post Office Celebration”

It was a heart-touching, often tearful event.

At Feel Good Floors, we applaud any event that celebrates our history. We learn from history it shows progression and teaches us what and what not to do. It highlights important traditions and philosophies that never go out of style. It deepens our connection to business ethics, civic activities, family, friends, and more. These are the philosophies we need to pass on to our youth.

Those who know us know that we constantly build on the principles of customer service and work ethic that our founder, the late George W. Johnson, established over 50 years ago: respect, honesty, integrity, civic activities, family, friends, worship and more. We honor our customers by remaining fully educated and up-to-date on product and installation through trade classes and schools. That’s also why we’ve received so many awards, such as the “Best of Lexington” and “Reader’s Choice” Awards, and more. No one knows more about flooring information than Feel Good Floors.

We pass our flooring information to our customers with a gallery of photo installations (real homes!) and with a series of videos where designer Marc Thee talks about everything from tiles, hardwood and carpet to interior design layout.

Stop by our showroom and let us demonstrate how we can honor you and you can get the flooring information you need.