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The Information Age Paradox

In the modern era, we enjoy unbelievable convenience in almost every aspect of our life. Right now you may even be reading this on a pocket-sized rectangular device that allows you to communicate with nearly anyone in the world; take clear photos or video of the environment around you; and receive the answer to any question you might have about anything you might be curious about. Well, it might appear that way, at least.

The fact of the matter is that, here in the information age, in many ways it's harder to answer a question than ever before. There is just so much information out there to sort through, that the chances of finding the correct answer to a complex question are astronomically unfavorable. Even simple questions might lead to a multitude of differing answers. How do you know which is correct without asking an expert in person, or already being an expert yourself? There's the rub, my friends.

In the old days, before the Internet and everyone carrying the world in the palm of their hands, if you wanted flooring information, you had to go to an actual physical building that housed a company that worked with floors.

There you would find people who had experience with the question you have, and who also knew the answers, which they learned through trial and error and hands on experience working with other experts. If you went and asked, you got the answers you needed, and you knew there was a good chance that the person offering them knew what they were talking about. You could, at least, make a judgment call based upon their surroundings and demeanor.

Now, if you want flooring information, you pop out your phone and ask Google. The very instant you ask the question and hit search, you are bombarded with tens of thousands of possible answers with no way to know who is right and who is wrong. Even worse, you have no idea what qualifies the people answering your questions to be answering them in the first place!

In the end, I get the feeling that maybe all of this information being so readily available is not too different than having it only available upon request in person. Ultimately, you have to ask an expert in person to get the real answer anyway, so has anything really changed?

Well, if you are looking for flooring information from people who definitely know their business, look no further than Feel Good Floors! Just call or stop by our showroom in Lexington, TN, and our friendly and expert staff will answer all of your questions. They might even offer a few answers you might not have known you needed! Let's see Google do that!