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Flooring for Less Is not Lesser Flooring

Many people in the United States today still feel the economic impact of the last big recession. So many people were affected by the collapse of the economy, through the losses in their retirement accounts and investments. They have become accustomed to squeezing every penny from a dollar in every situation. This isn’t a bad thing. That frugality has created a consumer that is more balanced and educated when it comes to things like investing in their home to improve their living space. That’s where we come into play.

Feel Good Floors, located in Lexington, TN, is a place where you can find low cost flooring for your home that is of the highest quality. We can accomplish this through several avenues:
  • Buying in bulk… getting materials in larger quantities from a manufacturer comes with a discount and that savings can be passed on to the consumer.
  • Discontinued Product lines… buying a discontinued product line from the warehouses of the manufacturers allows them to free up space for new inventory. Therefore, they will liquidate the old product at less than wholesale prices. We buy these materials and pass the savings on to you.
  • Factory Overruns… factory overruns are when the manufacturer produces more of a product than they planned on producing. They will sell the product to retailers at a lower price, because they wish to free-up space in their storage facilities. The Retailer gets a great price and passes the savings on to the customer.

All of this becomes low cost flooring that you can put in your home and know that the quality is still of the highest standard available. This low cost flooring also comes with a full set of manufacturers warranties. We will install your flooring to the manufacturers’ specifications and ensure that your warranties will be protected. We will also educate you on the maintenance of your flooring, so that you can enjoy their beauty for many years to come. So come see us at our Lexington, TN showroom and let us be the low cost flooring headquarters you have been looking for.

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