Lexington flooring

How to Select Flooring That Suits Your Lifestyle

Do you live in Lexington? Flooring got you confused and emotional? Hey, we get it, it's not easy picking flooring that fits your lifestyle. At least, it isn't, unless you have help from our Feel Good Floors Lexington, TN showroom pros. With our on-site experts demystifying surfacing materials, you'll finally be able to choose something perfect for your family. Still not sure where to start? Well, read through our helpful guide, and hop by our showroom to see our lovely samples.

Kids, Pets, and High-Traffic Areas
With kids and pets, you'll need a surfacing material that's truly resistant. Throw in areas that see high amounts of traffic, and that means you'll definitely need a material that's as close to bulletproof as possible. Dropped toys. Sharp claws. Liquid mishaps. High-heel fiascos. Need we say more? Yes, little people and animals can be unbelievably messy, so you'll want something that packs a (flooring) punch, but also looks stunning. Opt for something highly-durable and waterproof, like hardwood or laminate flooring, materials that can handle a lot of wear and tear, since you have a busy household.

Eco-Conscious, Uber-Sustainable
Are you mindful of our environment? Do you want eco-friendly flooring in Lexington? Would you like a sustainable material for your home? Look no further than practical, affordable, attractive bamboo. While technically it's a tall grass, it can handle whatever you throw at it, because it's incredibly durable. So, yes, there is a surfacing material out there that matches your lifestyle, and bamboo is only one of the many possible options. Feel even better about your choice by opting for bamboo that is responsibly sourced.

Entertainer and Foodie-Extraordinaire
Do you spend most of your time cooking or planning a grand soiree? Whether you're a mega entertainer or foodie extraordinaire, or both, you may want something a little more luxurious in the floor department. For a truly stunning surfacing material that turns heads and drops jaws, you'll need an exotic species of hardwood or authentic stone. Truly, their look and raw beauty cannot be denied, and homeowners never complain once they open their doors for these unique surfacing beauties.