If You Have Kids, You'll Want this Flooring Information for Your Next Renovation

There are many things that parents need to keep in mind before any home renovation, and the quickest way to flooring information is to come into the Feel Good Floors showroom in Lexington, TN. Our friendly flooring pros have industry experience and expert training, priceless knowledge that can save you a lot of unnecessary costs and stress. When it comes to your kids, you don't want to cut corners. So, if you're not sure what flooring types are the best options, let us help you understand what floors would be the safest, healthiest, and most durable to kid-proof your living room, child's bedroom or baby's new nursery.

Flooring Information for... Flooring Installation

First thing's first, you'll need to consider flooring installation. Each flooring type has different installment requirements and time-frames which play a significant role in the renovation process. Do you want to install a floating floor over pre-existing floors, cutting down on renovation time as well as smelly glues and fumes? With this option, you're eliminating the need for on-site sanding, varnishing, and surface treatments which usually come with flooring like solid hardwood. If you're looking for something quick and relatively painless, you can float floors with premium linoleum, higher-grade plastic laminates, and engineered hardwood.

Flooring Information for... Product Durability
For families that have many members and thus higher amounts of foot-traffic, you may want to examine choices like bamboo, luxury vinyl tile, premium laminates, and solid hardwood that are very durable. The truth is, you'll have to deal with a lot of bumps, scuffs, dents, and scratches from all that kid fun, so it's essential to select a reliable flooring material that can withstand daily rigmarole. Think of all the things your child(ren) will drag, throw, and drop on the floor, and that doesn't even include the spilled drinks and food, so you're going to need some seriously durable flooring.

Flooring Information for... Material Safety
Aside from a solid flooring that easy to install and maintain, you'll also want a flooring type that's slip-resistant. The materials we've mentioned thus far have proven anti-skid properties, though luxury vinyl (LVT) tile does have the highest amount of slip-resistance. The great thing is, LVT comes in a huge selection of colors, designs, tones, and grain effects. Not only will your home be skid-proof and kid-proof, it’ll be stylish too!

If your life includes burping babies, tripping toddlers, or precocious preschoolers, Feel Good Floors can help you narrow down your flooring options. Parents, don't worry, there's no need to stick foam squares throughout your entire home to keep the little ones safe. There are plenty of eye-catching flooring choices on the market that are ultra-durable, eco-conscious, and kid-friendly. To find some high-quality floors that will out-last the pull-along toys and tricycle years, stop by our showroom for more flooring information.