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Just How Well Do You Know Lexington, TN?

It is odd just how little many people know about the town or city in which they live. Here in Lexington, we have a long history of being friendly and kind, and of being good neighbors. Those are some of the best qualities we possess, but, in terms of facts, we often do not know how the outside world sees us till we read something about our town. Here is a bit of an article we read recently that tells about our hometown.

“Lexington is a somewhat small city located in the state of Tennessee. With a population of 7,822 people and four constituent neighborhoods, Lexington is the 81st largest community in Tennessee. Unlike some cities, Lexington isn’t mainly white- or blue-collar. Instead, the most prevalent occupations for people in Lexington are a mix of both white- and blue-collar jobs. Overall, Lexington is a city of sales and office workers, professionals and managers.”

Source: www.neighborhoodscout.com
It has been said that information is power, and here at Feel Good Floors, we agree. This is why we offer all of customers the most accurate flooring information they can get, and all they have to do is ask for it. It is no secret that there are many different types of flooring systems on the market today, and no consumer is expected to know everything about each one. That is our job, and we take knowing our products very seriously.

When you visit with us to look at our flooring systems, we want you to ask questions. This is the only way that you will know as much about your purchase as you should. Our staff has been well trained and they are well-read on every type of flooring that we offer. The flooring information that they can provide to you will be accurate and honest. You have our word on that. We never mislead our customers by telling them something that is not true.

Why is this important? Aside from being dishonest, giving customers the wrong flooring information can lead to a customer purchasing a flooring system that will not meet his or her needs. It can also lead to problems that can be rather severe. For instance, telling a customer that the installation of solid hardwood flooring below grade is okay, is simply wrong. Solid hardwood should never be installed below grade, as moisture will cause big problems with the flooring over time. Engineered hardwood flooring would be the correct answer, as it can be installed anywhere, above or below grade.

When you want to shop for new flooring, and you want access to honest answers to your questions, you can trust Feel Good Floors in Lexington, TN. The flooring information we deliver is as right as it can be, every time, every day.