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Look Good, Feel Good with Your Flooring

Want to feel good?  Here’s a great story about Caty Davis, the reigning Miss Tennessee, who visited students at Thelma Barker Elementary School in Jackson, TN.  She read to them, as part of the school’s “1,000 Readers” initiative: www.jacksonsun.com by Maranda Faris.

Want your home to look good?  Spruce it up by changing the floor. It sets the stage for the design of the entire room.
At Feel Good Floors in Lexington, TN, we’re not just about selling product, although we do have the best ones manufactured by some of the most trusted sources around. We’re also about flooring information and our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, including delivery, installation and maintenance.

In other words, our flooring information doesn’t end when you walk out of the store with a purchase; rather, we stay with you through the entire process.  

Selecting flooring can be an overwhelming process. The truth is that every type of flooring has both pros and cons, and how well it will suit you depends upon both your desires and requirements.  

For example, you may desire hardwood floors, but your budget may require something less expensive. Do you know there’s another option, the less expensive laminate or luxury vinyl? Thanks to modern technology, they look remarkably similar to real wood. Let our experts give you more information.

Speaking of hardwood, if your gorgeous floors are starting to look a little worn and dull, is it time to replace them, or is a refinishing all that’s necessary? 

This is all flooring information our experts can give you!

Perhaps you have young kids and you love tile. It’s durable and looks gorgeous, but you worry about hard falls for the kiddos. Our experts will advise if it’s right for you.

By the way, our flooring information includes detailed knowledge of installation, because installation is just as important as product itself. Do you know about all the different skills, techniques and tools needed? That will make the difference between a gorgeous floor and one that is only so-so, or just downright terrible. 

Feel Good Floors is located in Lexington and services West TN. The company prides itself on outstanding customer service, expertise and flooring information. That’s why we’re such a trusted source. The company carries a large stock of carpet, hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl and vinyl.
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