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I once lived in an apartment with carpet that was so old it was developing wrinkles. Those are in areas where the carpet is no longer stretched tightly and there is an actual bump where people have walked on it and it has folded over on itself. I spoke to my apartment manager and he said that he would replace it, but he was afraid that the budget he had would only be able to buy flooring of the lowest quality. Fortunately for him I could explain that low cost flooring doesn’t mean low quality. On the contrary, it can mean high quality materials at a greatly discounted price.

Low cost flooring exists for any number of reasons. Flooring manufacturers will discount flooring to the retailers based on warehouse inventory, discontinued product lines, over manufactured product, small defects in a manufacturing run and ordering in large amounts. Combine some of those elements and you can have very low cost flooring. The quality of the flooring is of the highest standard; in the case of a small defect, it could be a slightly faded color in the manufactured product that causes it to be rejected by quality control.

The materials are still the best, but due to a faded color they are sold at a discounted price to retailers. If the retailer takes a large amount of the faded manufacturing run, they get an additional discount, so flooring that starts at $5 a square yard may become $2.25 a square yard and you have low cost flooring. Lexington residents know where to turn when they are in the need for flooring - Feel Good Floors.

Low cost flooring can be found in all types: Carpet, luxury vinyl tile, laminate, and more. Factory overruns and discontinued flooring lines can begin to build up in the manufacturer’s warehouse. They will sell below wholesale to the retail stores to open up the space for new product lines. This can result in brand new flooring that retails at $12 a foot, becoming $5 a foot when it is ordered in large lots. Come visit Feel Good Floors at our Lexington TN, showroom and we will show you how low cost flooring can mean high quality results.
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