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Tips On How to Get More Money for Your Home 

At Feel Good Floors, we often have customers come in and ask if buying low cost flooring would help increase the value of their home if they consider selling that home. We tell them that new flooring virtually always adds market resale value to a home. But, there are other ways to get more for your home when you put it on the market. Here is one idea that we thought was interesting:

“The housing market is on fire! Jonathan Smoke, our chief economist, describes it as the strongest real estate market we’ve seen in a decade. Prices are at an all-time high, and still homes are flying off the proverbial shelves. But even in a fast-paced market like this, there are no guarantees for an individual home.”

Source: <a href="">How to Spark a Bidding War for Your Home</a> by staff.
This story goes on to share a few ideas, including some that are truly unique. We are not sure if any of these work or not, but home sellers may find them useful, nonetheless.

What we are sure of, however, is that our low cost flooring is a great idea for those planning on selling their home. Home buyers love to walk into a home and see brand new, clean, fresh flooring. Not only does new flooring look fantastic, but it also tells potential buyers that you care about your property and have probably taken care of it over the years. It also reminds them they will not have to replace the old flooring with their own money, should they buy the home.

When you visit our showroom in Lexington, TN, you will find that we carry wonderful line s of new flooring systems. Our flooring also meets the needs of those who are planning to stay in their home. Just imagine having new carpet installed in your living room or bedrooms. How about hardwood flooring in your den, family room, or dining room? Is your vinyl in the bathroom or utility room looking old and dated? We can provide you with any type of flooring, and, best of all, we can do that for less money than you may think, as our low cost flooring is truly low cost.

If you are looking for affordable ways to increase the value of your home, come by and ask us about the many options we have available in our low cost flooring inventory.
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