Visit a Secret Tennessee Treasure to Get a Look at the Past

At Feel Good Floors in Lexington, we love our Tennessee history. Not just the big stuff that everyone knows about, but also the almost forgotten history that seems to pop up from time to time. We recently read a story about a tiny, old town, Rugby, that we might visit ourselves to see if we can get any flooring information on how various floors were done back in the 1800's. However, you do not have to be a flooring nut, or history buff, to enjoy this quaint place. Here is a bit about this secret town and a link to a photo essay on it.

“Mainly because it’s darling…and less than one hundred people live here. Rugby began as an experiment of utopian society in the late 1800s, and now serves as a historic landmark and neat peek into the past. Rugby was founded in 1880 by English newcomers, meant to be a space that blended the best of both the new America and England. And for a little bit, the town thrived.”

We mentioned above that we love learning more about flooring: How it is made; what benefits each classification has; best installation techniques; and so on. Because we have such an interest, we are able to answer the questions that our customers have when they visit our showroom. Just as important, because we have the flooring information that they want and need, we are better able to help them to make the most informed buying decisions.

For instance, we carry both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Some homeowners and business owners may believe that solid hardwood floors can be installed anywhere. This is not true. You would not want to install solid wood flooring below grade, as this might cause big problems because of the moisture content associated with below grade environments. The better option is to install engineered hardwood flooring which is perfectly fine in below grade settings.

As you can see, this type of flooring information is very useful, and it can help our customers avoid making mistakes. However, this is just one example of how our experience and expertise can help you. The fact is we can answer virtually any question or concern you may have about your new flooring options.

When you need to talk to someone about flooring, come by and see us first at our Lexington, TN showroom. At Feel Good Floors, we love sharing our flooring information with others, and we especially love helping people to avoid costly mistakes when it comes to anything flooring.
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